How Works

  • Add your client's businesses.
  • Link your business to your QuickBooks financials and gets to work on your behalf analyzing the financials and instantly populating your client's activity feed and cash flow calendar.
  • View your client's activity feed, and scroll through the cash flow activity cards to see insights on your clients.
  • Invite your client to join you to view your activity feed and cash flow calendar. Now everyone on your team can be in the know.  You can add and remove team members at any time.
  • Update your financials as often as you like. Each update will populate new activity cards and the cash flow calendar, bringing new insights and opportunities to start a conversation.

Cash Activity Feed

The Cash Activity Feed provides you key facts about your business and keeps you and your team in the know.

  • Know how many days cash on hand you have.
  • Unexpected bills alerts you when a new bill amount is significantly higher than previous months.
  • Overdue bills alerts you when you have bills which are past due. Avoid late fees, and added interest.
  • Know when new vendors are added helping to you avoid unauthorized expenses.
  • Keep an eye on incoming and outgoing transactions.
  • Stay on-track by tracking how your business is trending overtime.
  • Know how sales, expenses, accounts receivables, and profit are trending each month and quarter.

Cards are divided into four main categories.

Alerts: Shows anomalies detected that you need to be aware of

As of today: Shows key facts as of the last time you updated. The data shown in these cards includes all of the data up until you last updated. For example, if you link on December 12, data in the cards will include everything up until December 12th.

Monthly: Displays a summary of your business from the last full month.

Quarterly: Displays a summary of your business from the last full quarter.

Posting new cards

Keep your team up-to-date by adding new posts on your activity feed. When you add a post, everyone who has access to the feed will see your post.

Adding comments

You can also add comments to any post. Comments make it easy to ask questions, and let others know to take action.

Cash Flow Calendar

Instantly see how your cash is trending for the month, and spot issues early. For the current month, and the next month, the cash flow calendar displays a heat map showing your high, medium, low and negative end of day cash balances.

Days in red indicate a shortfall in cash. Clicking on the day will show which transactions are impacting your cash balance, and allow you to take action and avoid costly mistakes.

Selecting a specific date will show you the top 5 incoming customer payments and top 5 outgoing vendor payments. While only the 5 top items are shown, the Final cash balance includes ALL transactions for the current day selected.

Keep your team up-to-date & in the know

We have added two new features to make it easy to keep your team up-to-date.  

Financials updated email summary

Every time your financials are updated, you can choose to receive an email summary showing you key metrics about your business.  This new feature replaces the original daily digest feature.  

To receive email notifications, select Profile settings under your user name  and check "Send me an email summary each time financials are updated."

Emails are sent to all invited team members who have this feature enabled when linking occurs manually or if you are using QuickBooks desktop and have automatic updates enabled. 

Notify new team members when new posts or comments are added to your business activity feed makes it easy to keep all team members up-to-date.  Now when you add a new post or comment on the activity feed, you can choose to notify all of your team members.  When checked, team members will be notified based on the preference that they set under their profile settings. 

Inviting Team Members

Invite other team members to join. People you invite will have full access to the cash activity feed, cash flow calendar, and documents.

Sharing Documents makes it easy to share documents with your team. When a new document is added, a document card is added to the cash activity feed notifying the team.

How to add a business

Connecting with QuickBooks Desktop

A one-time installation is required before you can link using QuickBooks for Desktop. Installation is quick and easy.

If using Chrome, install the Finagraph Chrome extension

  • Download and run Finagraph Financial Linker
  • Open your company file in QuickBooks for desktop
  • Watch the installation video for step-by-step instructions.

Connecting with QuickBooks Online

How to invite a user

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