Excel Cash Flow Forecast Template

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Save yourself time. CashFlowTool connects directly to QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online and generates a complete cash flow forecast that can be directly exported to a fully populated Excel template. Stop generating Excel templates manually and directly export a fully populated cash flow template to Excel. CashFlowTool generates a complete Excel template with formulas making it easy to edit directly in Excel.

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  2. Connect to QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop.
  3. View your Cash Flow Calendar forecast.
  4. Download fully populated Cash Flow Forecast Excel template.
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CashFlowTool's Cash Flow Forecast Excel template is fully populated with all cash-in and cash-out transactions from QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online. The Excel template includes built in formulas making it easy to add, remove and edit transactions and see the impact on your totals instantly.

Automatically Generate Cash Flow Forecasts in Excel

Stop preparing Cash Flow Forecasts templates manually and let CashFlowTool.com do the work for you.

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Free Cash Flow Calendar template for Excel

Not using QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online? Download our Cash Flow Forecast Excel template which you can populate with data manually.

Download Free Cash Flow Forecast template for Excel

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How to create a Cash Flow Forecast using Excel

Step 1: Enter starting cash

Set your starting cash on hand. (Set this vaule on the settings tab of the worksheet.)

Step 2: Add customer invoices and recurring inflows

Enter known outstanding invoice, invoice amount and due date. These are invoices which have already been recorded in QuickBooks.

Enter known recurring inflow, amounts and estimated due date. These are all inflows you expect to occur over the next couple of weeks.

Step 3: Add bills and recurring outflows

Enter known outstanding bills, bill amounts and bill due date These are bills which have already been recorded in QuickBooks.

Enter known recurring outflows, amounts and bill due date. These are all the outflows you expect to occur over the next couple of weeks.

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