Welcome to! We applaud you for wanting to take control of your cash flow in your business. Below you will find a number of short tutorials that will help you begin using These videos help you quickly understand the core features in including the Cash Flow Calendar, the new What-if capability, how to connect your business to QuickBooks and more. Consider this the essential starting kit for anyone who is interested in simple, yet powerful cash flow management.

Adding a business

Learn how easy it is to set up your business in

Connecting to QuickBooks Online

Learn how to connect your business to your QuickBooks Online account to unlock powerful cash flow insights.

Connecting to QuickBooks Desktop

Learn how to connect your business to your QuickBooks Desktop account to unlock powerful cash flow insights. Learn more

Learn how to connect CashFlowTool when using Right Networks QuickBooks Desktop Hosting. Learn more

Works on any device, anywhere works on your PC, Mac, tablet, iPhone, and Android mobile device. With, you can know what’s going on in your business anytime, anywhere.

Forecasting & the Cash Flow Calendar

Learn how to use the Cash Flow Calendar feature so you can make informed, educated decisions about today and can also anticipate tomorrow.

Customizing Dashboards

Learn how to configure your Dashboards exactly the way you need.

Understanding the "what-if" feature

Learn how to use the What-if capability of which is powerful feature enabling you to perform a variety of scenarios to understand the impact to you cash flow today and tomorrow.

Adding team members

Learn how to add team members to to ensure your core team is always up to date on all aspects of your cash flow.

Adding comments

Learn how to add comments which is a convenient way to keep all team members up to date.

Adding documents

Learn how to add documents in the secure storage space enabling authorized users to have one place to access important documents.

See a demo of how small businesses use

Learn how a small business can benefit from