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Welcome to! We applaud you for wanting to take control of your cash flow in your business. Below you will find a number of short tutorials that will help you begin using These videos help you quickly understand the core features in including the Cash Flow Calendar, the new What-if capability, how to connect your business to QuickBooks and more. Consider this the essential starting kit for anyone who is interested in simple, yet powerful cash flow management.

Product Demo

Learn how a small business can benefit from

Adding a business

Learn how easy it is to set up your business in

Connecting to QuickBooks Online

Learn how to connect your business to your QuickBooks Online account to unlock powerful cash flow insights.

Connecting to QuickBooks Desktop

Learn how to connect your business to your QuickBooks Desktop account to unlock powerful cash flow insights. Learn more

Learn how to connect CashFlowTool when using Right Networks QuickBooks Desktop Hosting. Learn more

Cash Flow Forecast Chart

Learn how to use the new dynamic interactive forecasting chart.

Forecasting & the Cash Flow Calendar

Learn how to use the Cash Flow Calendar feature so you can make informed, educated decisions about today and can also anticipate tomorrow.

Customizing Dashboards

Learn how to configure your Dashboards exactly the way you need.

Understanding the "what-if" feature

Learn how to use the What-if capability of which is powerful feature enabling you to perform a variety of scenarios to understand the impact to you cash flow today and tomorrow.

Adding team members

Learn how to add team members to to ensure your core team is always up to date on all aspects of your cash flow.

Permissions in

Learn how to easily control team member permissions. You can control who can see specific dashboards, have access to the calendar and more.

Adding comments

Learn how to add comments which is a convenient way to keep all team members up to date.

Adding documents

Learn how to add documents in the secure storage space enabling authorized users to have one place to access important documents.

Invoice & bill payment rules

CashFlowTool uses CashLearn to automatically predict when future invoices will be paid and their amount based on analyzing past transactions. Depending on the nature of your business there maybe times where you want to override the forecasted payment date for an invoice.

Invoice Payment Date Rules are helpful when:

  • You want to always exclude a customer or vendor from the cash flow calendar.
  • You have setup a recurring payment with your bank and know the exact day the invoice will be paid each time.
  • Your customer has a contractual agreement to pay by a specific day.
  • You want to view your cash flow forecast assuming the invoice is paid a fixed number of days after the invoice date or on the invoice due date.
  • The actual payment date is erratic and you want to view you cash flow calendar assuming the customer pays on-time.

Unpaid Invoice Payment Date Rules allows you to specify how unpaid invoices payment dates should be forecasted. You should use these settings when you want to always exclude a customer or vendor from your cash flow forecast or you have specific knowledge about a customer or vendor and want to override the CashLearn’s predictions.

From the Cash Flow Calendar view, two new tabs are available, Customers or Vendors you will be able to:

  1. See lists of known customers or vendors based on looking at the last 12 months of transactions.
  2. Indicates if the customer or vendor should be included in the forecast.
  3. Set unpaid invoice payment forecasting rule
  4. View next recurrence date and amount
Customer / Vendor Checkbox

When checked, the customer or vendor will be included in the cash flow forecast. Uncheck customers or vendors that you want to exclude from the forecast.

Forecast mode

Auto (default)


Uses CashLearn to automatically predict the payment date

Predicts using rules setting

Setting unpaid invoice payment date rules

Fixed days

Average days to pay

Invoice due date

Uses the fixed days after the invoice date. If selected, you can specify the number of days.

Uses the average number of days to pay based on invoiced date.

Uses the actual invoice due date.

The customer and vendor list are generated from the last 12 months of transactions vs. reading the customer and vendor list from QuickBooks. This ensures that all customers or vendors are listed even if the customer or vendor is no longer listed in QuickBooks.

After you save your changes, the rules are automatically applied to the cash flow calendar and used every time you update your finances.

Manual Recurring Transactions

See how you can quickly add manual recurring transactions for your customers and vendors which will give you a fine degree of control over your future forecast.

CashFlowTool Mobile Companion

Get the CashFlowTool mobile companion app for iOS and Android and stay up-to-date on your cash flow anywhere you are.

Getting started with Cloud 9 Hosting

Learn how to get started using Cloud 9 Hosting Learn more

Getting started with Right Networks

Learn how get started using Right Networks Learn more


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