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Less time number crunching.
more time adding value. helps you focus on what matters most – insights that drive better business decisions for your clients.

Go beyond financial statements.

Zero-in on key metrics to help your clients stay on track – and in business.


Focus on value drivers

Spend time efficiently. Anomalies, trends, and cash flow considerations your clients need to know are instantly at your fingertips.


Real-time communication channel

No more emails or phone tag. Comment directly on a card to start the conversation with your clients in real-time.



Optimized for mobile formats so you can communicate and add value on the go.



No need to constantly dive into details. Scan a summary of all the important activity happening in your clients' businesses with a quick scroll of the page.


Increase opportunities to cross-sell

You are the expert! Turn an annual tax or accounting gig into frequent, value-added touchpoints. Find new ways to help improve your client's business and drive additional revenue for your firm.


Seamless integration with QuickBooks

One click to upload client financials from QuickBooks Online or Desktop.

If your clients have QuickBooks, they need

QuickBooks Online and Desktop Support supports QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, and QuickBooks Desktop in hosted environments.

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You add a credit card per business.

This gives you the flexibility to choose the model that works for you.

Client pays

Simply add the client's credit card to their business. That credit card will be charged for that business every month.

Accountant/advisor pays 

Add your firm's credit card to your client's business. That credit card will be charged for that business every month.

Pass the cost along to your client or classify it as a direct cost for the engagement.

Become the advisor your clients want
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Which accounting/advisor services work best with

Bookkeeping, tax, compliance, consulting  any service that would benefit from value-added conversation starters with your clients, time saving KPI/trend calculations and a focused perspective on your client's business.


Can I add multiple clients?
Yes! is a platform to help you provide better service to all your clients. Each client you add will be visible to you and the specific users you add to that business.

Do you offer a free plan?

All plans offer a 14-day free trial.  After your trial ends, you can subscribe to one of's plans. currently offers a single Founder's plan.  This plan offers our best pricing.  As new features are added, we will evaluate adding new plan options.

What happens after my 14-day free trial expires?

If you have not added a payment method by the time your 14-day free trial expires for a business, the business is grounded.  You can still view the business’s activity feed, but cannot add new posts, or comment on existing posts.  Updating your financials is disabled.  You can subscribe any time after your trial ends, and regain full access by viewing the Subscription page for the business and subscribing to a plan.

Together we can eliminate cash flow as a reason that businesses fail.

What the experts say ...

“I would have open and running in the background all day to keep an eye on my clients. I love it for that.”

Mariette F. Martinez, EA

Your Accounting and Tax Professionals

“ is part of a huge revolution happening in the accounting industry. An accountant can give clients super valuable insights and then talk about it right in the platform, easy as texting. It’s finally easy to be a trusted advisor.”

Dawn Brolin

Powerful Accounting, LLC

"This is blowing my mind. This is a game changer. You guys do this right and you will change how accounting professionals work."

Eric Greenspan

74 Systems