The most powerful, yet simple cash flow tool for you and your clients

The perfect companion for QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop. is the premier advisory tool for bookkeepers, accountants, and advisors to help business owners navigate the ins and outs of cash flow.

Automate cash flow forecasting enables quick and easy visibility of your clients’ cashflow enabling you to provide critical insights and recommendations…automatically.

Provide powerful guidance

With the built-in cash flow calendar, cash activity feed and anomaly detector, you can provide guidance and insights that help your clients make better business decisions.

Become the trusted advisor provides all the cash flow insights, direct communication, centralized file store and more to enable you to be a fully informed trusted financial partner for your clients.

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No data entry - always up to date

Because automatically pulls all data from QuickBooks, there is no need to build static spreadsheets that are always out of date. is always up to date and provides one place to see your entire cashflow. ​ Now that’s efficient!

Know every aspect of your clients cash flow now and in the future

From daily balances to overdue bills to unexpected bills to payments due, enables you as your client’s trusted advisor to be in lock step on every aspect of their cash flow.

Cash flow predictions - unmatched

It’s powerful AI analysis looks at every inflow and outflow transaction and makes predictions that help you know the future, today! forecasts based on every cash inflow and outflow (including recurring items such as payroll), not just payment dates for open AR/AP.

Powerful “what-if” analysis

Want to see the impact on delaying a payment or pushing to get an invoice paid faster?   The built-in what-if analysis enables you to build scenarios to see the impact on your client’s cash flow.

That way you can provide your client with the best options and advice.

“Now that we have implemented with our clients, it has made everybody’s lives a lot easier.”

Helina Patience – Owner & Management Consultant, Entreflow

Enables regular discussions with your clients

No matter where you are or what device you are on, makes it simple to communicate with your client on the critical items when it matters most.

Manage all your clients in one place let’s you quickly see all your clients that you are managing in one convenient dashboard for quick visibility of their cash flow status.

Secure document store offers secure cloud storage where you can upload and share key files with your client such as quarterly tax reports and QuickBooks reports to name a couple.

You get 1 terabyte of storage per business and can control who has access.

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I can’t imagine going back to the old way and working without it. It’s a game changer!

Seth David

Seth DavidPresident - Nerd Enterprises

CashFlowTool really helps us as accounting professionals to be our clients’ trusted advisor.

Ingrid Edstrom

Ingrid EdstromPriestess of Profits - Polymath

Now that we have implemented with our clients, it has made everybody’s lives a lot easier.

Helina Patience

Helina PatienceOwner & Management Consultant - Entreflow presents the information in a way that business owners can easily understand it.

Monique Swansen

Monique SwansenOwner - Automated Accounting

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