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Managing Cash Flow
in a Crisis

Learn how to manage your cash flow during a crisis.

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Business Cash Flow Essentials Course

Learn critical and essential
cash flow concepts.

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CashFlowTool offers immediate help so you can plan your cash flow during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Cash flow fundamentals

Cash flow

Understand cash flow to make better decisions.

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Common financial formulas

Learn common financial ratios in cash flow management.

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Ask the Finagraph experts

Our very own experts are here to answer your cash flow questions.

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Cash flow Excel template

Learn how to create a cash flow forecast in Excel.

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Resources for accountants

Why Launch a Cash Flow Service Offering?

Learn how easy it is to build a cash flow service for your clients.

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How to Select the Right Clients to Start

Learn how to quickly select the clients that are ready for your new cash flow service.


Best Practices on Pitching to Clients

Learn what you need to do to attract clients and pitch your services to them.

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How to Run a Cash Flow Meeting

Learn how to run a great cash flow meeting with your clients.


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The Beginner's Guide to Helping Your Clients with Cash Flow

For accountants: Learn how to quickly add Cash Flow Services to your portfolio.

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The Ultimate
Cash Flow Playbook

For accountants: Learn proven tactics to building a cash flow service.

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Plan Your Cash Flow
During a Crisis

Learn 5 ways that you can stress-test your business to help you plan your cash flow easily and quickly.

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Please fill out the following form to get free access to the "Plan your cash flow during a crisis" webinar

Please fill out the following form to get free access to the "The Ultimate Cash Flow Playbook" webinar

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