The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting millions of businesses across the world, causing stress and strain on businesses like we have never seen before.

Although this is certainly a difficult storm for businesses to weather, this is not the first (nor the last) crisis that will affect your business.

The best way to navigate any crisis is to be fully prepared. When it comes to your business, one of the most important ways to be prepared is to understand and forecast your cash flow on an ongoing and scheduled basis.

Download this must-have guide to instantly learn how to manage your cash flow in this crisis and be prepared for the future.

Hear directly from Jennifer Bauldic, Cash Coach at Jetstream, why you need this guide right now.


  • Anatomy of a Cash Flow Crisis
  • What About When Things Are “Normal”?
  • The Case for a Weekly Cash Flow Process
  • Working with Cash Flow: Then and Now
  • Getting Started
  • Additional Areas of Focus during a Crisis
  • CashFlowTool in Action with Jetstream’s Clients
  • Take The First Step

Cash flow is the oxygen of a business.

Monitoring and forecasting cash flow is as critical to a business as having a bank account.

Jennifer Bauldic

Cash Coach, CPFP, CPB
Jetstream Administration Inc.

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Having a system in place to focus on cash flow – both where you have been (monitoring) and where you are going (forecasting) will put your company in the best position to survive and thrive, regardless of the circumstances.

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