Have you ever considered what would happen to your business if you no longer had access to your QuickBooks? Most businesses who run QuickBooks Desktop have their QB file reside on a local PC somewhere in their office or they might have it stored on a server for access from many PCs. Running it this way poses many business risks such as:

  • What if the hard drive crashes on the PC or the PC fails (it's not a matter of if, but a matter of when)?
  • What happens if the server crashes?
  • What happens if you don't have a backup?
  • What happens if your business gets broken into or a fire breaks out?
  • What if you need to access QuickBooks Desktop while working from home?

Finagraph and Ace Cloud Hosting have teamed up offering the perfect solution for small businesses, accountants and financial advisors who want the flexibility, benefits, and power of the cloud. Finagraph offers CashFlowTool to help your business predict current and future cash flow situations and make informed decisions accordingly.

Ace Cloud Hosting is a leading cloud hosting provider that offers cloud hosting solutions for various applications. The collaboration of CashFlowTool with Ace Cloud Hosting means that you can access your QuickBooks Desktop securely in the cloud and use CashFlowTool to manage and forecast your cash flow while realizing the benefits of increased security, anytime anywhere access, and virtually no down-time.

In this webinar you will learn

Why you should move your QBD to the Cloud right now

Learn the benefits of going to the cloud and why your can't afford not to.

How to setup CashFlowTool with QBD in an Ace Cloud

See the power of combining CashFlowTool + QBD in the Cloud and how to easily move your QBD to the Cloud and connect with CashFlowTool

Tips & Recommendations
from the Pros

Learn how to optimize and configure the cloud to run your business with confidence.

Special Offer

Webinar attendees will receive a special offer from both companies!

Benefits of joining this webinar

Up to 50% CashFlowTool discount starting at:


For businesses


For accountants

Existing Ace Cloud Hosting customers get 50% off CashFlowTool for the life of their subscription PLUS free access to the Business Cash Flow Essentials Training Course.

50% off for 6 months with
Ace Cloud Hosting

Existing CashFlowTool customers and New Ace Cloud Hosting Customers can get a 50% off ACE discount when signing up for ACE services.

Free migration and setup

If you opt for ACE's services, our experts will take care of the application setup and data migration to the cloud

Free resources to help manage your cash flow

Webinar presenters

Dave Fester

Chief Marketing Officer

Mohit Kaul

Sr. Solutions Consultant

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