What is it?

CashFlowTool.com's partner program is for accountants, bookkeepers and advisor who provides financial or advisory services for other businesses. To register, complete the following partner application form, and then if you haven't already done so, sign-up on CashFlowTool.com.


Who it is for?

To qualify for our partner program, we verify that your business entity provides financial or advisory services for other businesses, and then send you your own personalized promo code with details how to get started.

Key Benefits


Add your business for FREE.

Save $5 for your client

Your clients receive $5 off their monthly subscription. Each client added using your promo code pays just $14 per month.

Why should your entity become a partner?

  • You believe that you are in the “Dream Fulfillment” business. Simply put, you want you clients to realize the dream they had when they started their business. To do this, you want to provide a best in class financial management tool to your clients to help provide them the most critical information at the exact right moment.
  • You want your clients to save money on the tools they use and by purchasing CashFlowTool.com through you, they receive a discount of $5 off of the published pricing.
  • You also want the benefit of using CashFlowTool.com with your own business. By becoming a Partner, you get access to a Free Account for your business. Why not use it for yourself?

What the pros are saying

I would have CashFlowTool.com open and running in the background all day to keep an eye on my clients. I love it for that.

Mariette F. Martinez, EAYour Accounting and Tax Professionals

CashFlowTool.com is part of a huge revolution happening in the accounting industry. An accountant can give clients super valuable insights and then talk about it right in the platform, easy as texting. It’s finally easy to be a trusted advisor.

Dawn BrolinPowerful Accounting, LLC

This is blowing my mind. This is a game changer. You guys do this right and you will change how accounting professionals work.

Eric Greenspan74 Systems