Getting started with QuickBooks for Desktop integrates directly with QuickBooks for Desktop allowing you to quickly add a new business and update your financials.

After installing the add-in, a new icon is added to your system tray. Right click on the system tray icon to:

  • Add the business to your account
  • Update financial data

Watch this 2 minute video to learn how to get started.


To get started, you need to download and install the Finagraph connector using the following steps. Setup only takes a few minutes to complete and only needs to be completed once.

  1. Close QuickBooks for Desktop if running
  2. Download and run the Finagraph Connect setup
  3. Install the Finagraph Connect add-in by advancing through the setup wizard
  4. Open QuickBooks for Desktop using Run as administrator
Run as admin

Open Company File

The first time you open the company file, you must be logged in as the QuickBooks 'Admin' user. Only the admin can grant permissions to enable 3rd party add-in.

QuickBooks requires you to authorize Finagraph Connect to access to your company file. Select any of the ‘Yes’ options.

Select the checkbox "Allow this application to access personal data such as Social Security Numbers and customer credit card information." This allows to access payroll data.

If you open the company file as standard user, you will not see the prompts to authorize Finagraph Connect. You must open the company file as an 'Admin' user at least once. Note: After the 'Admin' user has authorized Finagraph Connect, other QuickBooks users will see the Finagraph Connect option under the Company menu.

Run as admin

Choose Yes to confirm your choice.


Adding a new business

  1. Open QuickBooks for Desktop
  2. Open your company file
  3. From the Window's system tray, right-click on the Finagraph Connect icon.
  4. Select Connect or Sync will open using your default browser and show login screen. Enter your user name and password, or select one of the other login methods. If needed, you can choose to Sign Up for a new account too.

Finagraph Connect

The business is automatically added to using information from the company file and your new business will be displayed in the Business Activity Center.

It may take a few seconds for QuickBooks Desktop to connect and upload financial data to Progress will be shown in the first panel when updating and the date updated once complete.

Once updated, your key business metrics and cash flow calendar will be displayed. If needed, you can edit details about your business by selecting the business settings option from the Business Activity Center.

Finagraph Connect

Updating financials for an existing business

You can use the following two methods to create a new business in CashFlowTool and sync your financials.

Method 1 - System Tray Icon
  • Open QuickBooks for Desktop
  • Open your company file
  • Right-click the Finagraph Connect System Tray icon
  • Select Connect or sync

The financials will be updated, and web page will be opened using your default browser. If the business does not exist in, it will be automatically added.

Finagraph Connect
Method 2 - Company menu option
  • Open QuickBooks for Desktop
  • Open your company file
  • Select Company / Finagraph Connect / Connect or sync

The financials will be updated, and web page will be opened using your default browser. If the business does not exist in, it will be automatically added.

Finagraph Connect

Add Company Menu option in QuickBooks (Optional)

You can optionally choose to install a QuickBooks Desktop Company menu option that will allow you to sync by accessing a menu option called Finagraph Connect under the Company menu in QuickBooks. Use the following steps to enable the company menu.

  • Press Windows Start key
  • Start typing ‘QuickBooks’
  • Right-click on QuickBooks
  • Select Run as administrator
Run as admin

Reminder Settings

Each time you open a company file, Finagraph Connect will ask if you want to sync your company file.

  • Select Yes, to immediately start syncing your company file with CashFlowTool.
  • Press Later to be reminded to sync in the future based on your reminder settings.
  • Select Reminder Settings to choose when to be reminded to sync your company file again.

You can configure when to be reminded to sync your company file by selecting Reminder Settings.

If you don’t want to be reminded, select the last option. You can always change this setting by right-clicking on the Finagraph Connect system tray icon and selecting Reminder Settings from the content menu.

Finagraph Connect


Q: Can I update financials from multiple desktop computers opening a company file from a shared location?
A: Yes. You can install Finagraph Connect on multiple machines if needed.

Q: Can another user on my machine update financials?
A: Yes. Finagraph Connect is installed for all users on the machine.

Q: Do you support hosted, and shared environments?
A: Yes. Work with your IT department to install the Finagraph Connect on the server where QuickBooks Desktop is installed.

Q: Can I use QuickBooks Desktop while my company’s financials are being uploaded?
A: No. QuickBooks API blocks user interaction and you may see Windows wait spinner flash from time-to-time. The browser will automatically open once financials are updated.

Q: Can I schedule financial updates to occur automatically?
A: Not yet, this is on our product roadmap. (If you are using QuickBooks Online, you can schedule automatic updates under your business settings.)

Q: Do you support Right Networks?
A: Yes, Right Networks supports 3rd party add-ins under certain plans. Submit a support ticket with Right Networks and ask them to enable CashFlowTool's Finagraph Connect on your account.

Troubleshooting Finagraph Connect

Issue: Finagraph Connect is not shown in the company menu

Run QuickBooks Desktop using Run as administrator option.

After installing Finagraph Connect, you must open QuickBooks Desktop as a Windows administrator. This is different than opening the company file as a QuickBooks admin user.

  • Press Windows Start key
  • Start typing ‘QuickBooks’
  • Right-click on QuickBooks
  • Select Run as administrator
Run as admin

Verify Finagraph Connect is enabled in QuickBooks Desktop edit preferences

From within QuickBooks Desktop, select Edit / Preferences. Select Integrated Applications and view Company Preferences.
Company Preferences
Check ‘Allow this application to read and modify this company file.’

Security information

The Finagraph Connect add-in safely and securely uploads financial information using bank level data encryption. A secure connection between your computer and our server is established each time financials are updated.

A unique ID is saved in your company file to associate the business with your Finagraph Connect does not write any financial data to the company file. While updating your financials, read-only operations are performed against the company file.

You can revoke access at any time either by changing QuickBooks Application Integration preferences or uninstalling the Finagraph Connect. Details below.

Uninstalling Financial Connect

  1. Open Apps & Features from Windows 10 Start Menu
  2. Locate Finagraph Connect
  3. Press Uninstall
  4. Open QuickBooks Desktop using Run as administrator. This final step is needed to remove the menu options from QuickBooks Desktop. Change Integrated Applications Preferences

Revoking access

At any time, you can revoke Finagraph Connect's access to your company file.

  1. From QuickBook’s menu, select Edit/ Preferences
  2. Select Integrated Applications
  3. Select Company Preferences tab
  4. Select Application Name Finagraph Connect