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Ascent Accounting & Consulting is based in Durango, Colorado where they help business owners achieve their dreams. They are dedicated to help their customers reach new heights through QuickBooks support, bookkeeping, accounting, and advisory services.

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CashFlowTool has become an item that we are including within each of our individual services.   As a result, we’ve seen businesses turn profitability a lot sooner than anticipated and a lot more profit than what they ever believed was manageable within their own business.

Zeb SmithCPA & Owner - Ascent Accounting & Consulting

Why Ascent Accounting & Consulting chose CashFlowTool:

  1. It’s affordable.
  2. It’s scalable.
  3. Intuitive design.
  4. INCREDIBLE support team.

How Ascent Accounting & Consulting’s clients benefit:

  1. Understand how cash balances affect their business.
  2. Make managing cash 'top-of-mind'.
  3. Changes spending behavior.
  4. Easily identify un-needed and/or un-used subscriptions and paid services.
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CashFlowTool is a product developed by Finagraph. We're a technology company that's passionate about helping small business owners, accountants, and lenders deeply understand the financial health of companies. Finagraph’s trusted technology helps power services provided by companies including Moody’s Analytics, Jack Henry & Associates and leading banks. Learn more

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