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Invite business owners or accountants to try out CashFlowTool. If they purchase a plan, you get paid! It's that simple. Only valid for new users.

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Cash in your pocket

Make money simply by providing an email address! Once your referral purchases a paid CashFlowTool plan, you make half of what the customer pays the first month.

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Other businesses can immediately realize the benefits of understanding their cash flow today and tomorrow.

Be the expert

People rely on you, and your expertise. Other businesses will recognize it.

Referral Program FAQs

When you refer someone new (to CashFlowTool) and they purchase a subscription, you make half of what the customer pays the first month.

A referral is claimed when someone signs up and subscribes to a paid CashFlowTool plan. It works on both business plans and accounting plans.

We will pay out referral bonuses monthly through either check, PayPal, or direct deposit. We will reach out to you once the referral has been claimed.

For monthly plans, you make half of what the customer pays the first month.

If your referral purchases an annual plan, you will be paid half of the monthly rate of that plan for the first month.

Ex. A customer buys a Pro annual plan at $750, which is equivalent to a monthly rate of $62.50. You would make $31.25 the first month of their plan.

No! Make as many referrals as you like, and if they purchase CashFlowTool, you get paid!

No! The CashFlowTool team will take it from here. Thanks for the referral!


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