Fidalgo Coffee Roasters

Fidalgo Coffee is based in Burlington, Washington and makes delicious coffee using coffee beans selected from premium farmers all around the world including Mexico, Peru, Honduras and Africa to name a few.

30% of their coffee is fair trade organic and they only keep 3-5 days of inventory to ensure their coffee is always fresh. They roast, package and distribute their wide variety of coffee directly from their warehouse.

David Evans

One of the biggest fears of any small businesses is not having enough cash, for over 20 years it’s been a struggle for our business to effectively predict cash flow. is an essential business tool for my company and I can operate my business with more confidence than ever before.

David EvansOwner & Chief Coffee Officer - Fidalgo Coffee

Fidalgo Coffee chose CashFlowTool

Fidalgo Coffee chose to help them with cash flow management and future predictions for the following reasons:

  1. Spreadsheets were too cumbersome to keep updated and future forecasting is difficult.
  2. is the best tool on the market.
  3. They love the simplicity – simple to setup, simple to use.
  4. It works with QuickBooks Desktop and it was simple to connect and show cash flow forecasts from the beginning.
  5. They can keep all their entire team members up to date via built-in team collaboration.
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