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We Stand for Small Business

We started our company with a passion to radically improve (and automate) the lending process for banks and in the course of doing so, we realized we could help small businesses everywhere with one of the most important things they care about most - cash flow.

Given that 61% of businesses regularly struggle with cash flow and 82% of business failures are due to poor cash management or understanding of cash flow, Finagraph built CashFlowTool to directly help small businesses.

When the global pandemic hit and we started getting calls from small businesses everywhere asking for help, we realized the devastating impact that it was having on the SMB community, If cash flow was a struggle before the pandemic, it was now a crisis and we needed to act and act quickly.

Like many businesses, we setup a Covid-19 Resource Center to give businesses resources, training, and recommendations on how to manage their cash flow in a crisis.  Our whole goal is to give small businesses proven techniques and methods to immediately help.   We have heard from many small business owners who have told us that our software and recommendations significantly helped them during this time.

Hear from our founder and CEO, James Walter on why we built CashFlowTool for small businesses.

But we knew that our small company could not reach every small business out there that needed our help.  That's where American Express came in and we are excited to be part of their Stand for Small initiative to bring and aggregate offers, tools and insights from over 100 companies dedicated to the success of small businesses.


Through the power of this partnership, we’re proud to be one of a growing group of companies to support U.S. small businesses.

If you are reading this and are a small business, I ask you to please join me in telling every business out there about the Stand for Small initiative to unify communities and join together to strengthen small businesses everywhere during a time of need.

Finagraph is here to help.  Drop me a note and let me know if we've helped your business or can do more to help further!

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Dave Fester
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CashFlowTool is a product developed by Finagraph. We're a technology company that's passionate about helping small business owners, accountants, and lenders deeply understand the financial health of companies. Finagraph’s trusted technology helps power services provided by companies including Moody’s Analytics, Jack Henry & Associates and leading banks. Learn more

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