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Understanding your cash flow forecast

Unleashing the forecasting power of CashFlowTool

The hallmark feature of CashFlowTool is the breakthrough, industry leading forecast capability, that lets you see your future cash flow in three easy to use views. Powered by Finagraph's patent-pending CashLearn™ AI technology, it predicts the future with confidence, so you can understand your current and future cash flow situation.

CashLearn™ is used to predict your company’s future cash inflows and outflows automatically using your historical QuickBooks data. The tool integrates with both QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop.

The predictions generated by CashLearn™ are presented in three different views in the product:

  • Cash Flow Calendar – a daily, calendar view heatmap that displays shades of green for positive cash balance days and red for any forecasted cash flow shortfalls.
  • Prediction table view – a list of all predicted cash inflows and outflows for easy editing (add, remove, or update transactions)
  • Excel export – a fully-formatted, formula driven weekly excel template


In this video, we will show you how to use CashFlowTool to predict your business’ future financial health. We go through an in-depth review of CashFlowTool’s forecast and prediction capabilities, including how to read and make adjustments to the forecast in the views listed above.




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