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Taxes and Cash Flow

Taxes and Cash Flow: A practice-building pair

Taxes and Cash Flow: A practice-building pair 

Maybe you are still recovering from the October 15th tax deadline. Maybe you are preparing for year-end tax planning. Or just maybe, you are somewhere in between. 

Not only is year-end tax planning a critical component of your practice, it is also a way for you to help your clients avoid the tax day tax liability surprise. 

What if you could add cash flow insights and recommendations to your tax planning strategies? What would it mean to your client’s business and to your client’s relationship if you help them leverage tax law to their benefit AND avoid cash flow surprises related to taxes?

That is what CashFlowTool does for you and your client. The cash flow calendar and CashLearn™ prediction technology gives you the ability to see how your client can best use their cash flow to prepare for the year end tax deductions and the tax bill coming in 2019.

Not only will CashFlowTool help you prepare for these conversations, but also help set you up to add cash flow forecasting as a recurring service moving forward.

Here are some ways to inject cash flow into these year-end tax conversations with clients:

  1. “Based on your forecasted cash flow, it looks like we will be able to fund the purchases that will help you lower your tax liability from operating cash. We can do that before the end of this year.”
  1. “It looks like we are on track for our year-end projected taxable income. It also looks like you will be able to easily make your January tax payment based on the cash flow forecast I prepared.”
  1. “Here is an idea of how to preserve cash flow for year end. We can draw on the line of credit for those expenses we want to make before year end. This will reduce your taxable income and tax liability. In the new year, based on our cash flow forecast, you can pay down the line of credit so you can use if for current operations. I also see that we can set aside enough cash to make a timely tax payment at the filing deadline.”

Sharing cash flow insights during your year-end tax planning meeting showcases your expertise in a way that demonstrates you as their partner in success beyond the tax return. 

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