Flight is becoming CashFlowTool.com

At Finagraph, we are on a mission to help small businesses stay in business. We developed Flight to provide small businesses, and their bookkeepers and accountants a powerful tool to help conquer cash flow as a reason why businesses fail.

When the project first started, we referred to the product internally as "Flight." When it came time to announce the product last year, we chose to keep the code name in place while the product was in testing. Now that Flight is generally available to everyone, we have decided to rename the product to CashFlowTool.com.

We are excited about this change because CashFlowTool.com makes it super clear what our product is about, and where to get it. The results are more businesses discover CashFlowTool.com, and avoid cash flow issues.

Over the next couple of weeks, you will see this change across our website, emails and apps. Only the name is changing, everything else you love about Flight remains the same.

In short, CashFlowTool.com is for any business that worries about cash flow from time to time. You'll know faster, act sooner, and avoid failure. Let's help small businesses avoid cash flow problems together.

James Walter
Finagraph CEO