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Requires no data entry, is always up to date and works on any device, anywhere.


With its built-in cash flow calendar, activity feed and anomaly detector, you instantly know all aspects of your cash flow with no surprises.


Know your cash flow today and anticipate tomorrow.

"It makes you a smarter business owner. I can’t imagine not having this."

Maureen Yarborough - SignMatters, Inc

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Complete cash flow at a glance

It enables instant visibility on any device, anywhere, of your cash flow, alerts for your unexpected expenses, along with intelligent forecasting so you are never surprised.

No data entry

Instantly and securely connect with QuickBooks and in seconds see your complete cash flow.

Works on any device, anywhere works on your PC, Mac, tablet, iPhone, and Android mobile device. With, you can know what’s going on in your business anytime, anywhere.

Cash Flow Calendar

The Cash Flow Calendar is a simple, yet powerful heatmap displaying shades of green for your highest and lowest cash balance days and reds for any forecasted cash flow shortfalls. You can instantly know when cash comes in and when cash goes out so you can optimize your business.

Know today to anticipate tomorrow.

Cash Activity Feed

See all the activities of your business – cash in, cash out, bills, payments and more.

Your team members can comment on activities so everyone knows the current status and can act right away.

The integrated timeline lets you reference the team’s historical comments to recall the decisions made and why.

Anomaly detector and alerts

You will know instantly if you get an unexpected bill, a late payment or are almost out of cash and can take action. You can even get alerts on your phone.

Keep your team up-to-date

You can share the information with designated key members of your team so everyone is always up to date.

Immediately comment on alerts, anomalies or cash status and your entire team, including your accountant, will instantly know and be able to respond.

Predict with confidence

CashLearn™ takes thousands of data points from the past 24 months, analyzing trends, timing and transactions to predict the future for you. This technology engine powers the Cash Flow Calendar, Anomaly Detector, and Alerts giving you the future insights you need today.

Daily cash balance forecast

You’ll easily see your cash balance for 60 days in the future with clear confidence. predicts your cash-in per individual customer and cash-out for each vendor. This helps you avoid surprises and know your cash flow.

Live “What-If” Analysis

You can easily apply what-if scenarios inside of You can see the impact of your cash flow in realtime by adjusting dates of bills that are due or seeing the impact if your invoices get paid late. It’s simple and helps you to spot issues and take action quickly.

View in Excel

View in Excel makes it easy to see your complete cash flow forecast each week directly in Excel. Unlike other tools which just export data to a CSV file, View in Excel downloads an editable Excel worksheet with formatting and working formulas saving you valuable time.

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See what customers are saying

It makes you a smarter business owner. I can’t imagine not having this.

Maureen Yarborough

Maureen YarboroughPresident & Owner - SignMatters, Inc

Now that we have implemented with our clients, it has made everybody’s lives a lot easier.

Helina Patience

Helina PatienceOwner & Management Consultant - Entreflow

I can’t imagine going back to the old way and working without it. It’s a game changer!

Seth David

Seth DavidPresident - Nerd Enterprises

CashFlowTool really helps us as accounting professionals to be our clients’ trusted advisor.

Ingrid Edstrom

Ingrid EdstromPriestess of Profits - Polymath presents the information in a way that business owners can easily understand it.

Monique Swansen

Monique SwansenOwner - Automated Accounting

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Insights from our founder James Walter on why we built

82% of small business failure is due to cash management issues.

Hear directly from James on why we built how it can directly empower small businesses everywhere to fully understand how to easily manage cash flow.

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Safe and secure

Safe and secure uses state-of-the-art security measures including bank level 256-bit SSL encryption. We adhere to a strict information security policy to ensure your data is always protected.

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CashFlowTool is a product developed by Finagraph. We're a technology company that's passionate about helping small business owners, accountants, and lenders deeply understand the financial health of companies. Finagraph’s trusted technology helps power services provided by companies including Moody’s Analytics, Jack Henry & Associates and leading banks. Learn more